Objectives and structure of integration consultation and coaching


  • The training period of the new executive should be used efficiently and effectively.
  • Obstacles should be identified and remedied during the training period.
  • Integration into the social environment for candidate and family is facilitated.
  • The new executive works productively in his or her new duties and area of responsibility.
  • The binding of the new executive to the company is sustainable.

Structure of coaching process:

  • Personality analysis via potential-analysis tool as a basis for further processes.
  • The goal of clarifying the duties/responsibilities to produce specific training objectives and content.
  • Support is provided for the organisation of the training process.
  • The executive's role is clarified.
  • A feedback system is implemented during the training.
  • Together with executives and HR: training plan + coaching contract with common goal clarification
  • Conduct of coaching in consultation with the candidate.
  • Reflection of the integration status under the coaching.
  • Ensuring a feedback process to the executive.