What the Assessment Centers offer

Our assessment centers are aligned with the concrete and individual position and situation of candidates. They allow us to assess the internal and external candidates situations and organise exercises which are relevant for success in the position in question (presentations, case studies, role playing, group discussions, interviews). We offer group and individual assessments according to the position and supplement these with further suitability diagnostics instruments according to the goals. Our services include conception of tailor-made assessments, including organisation and performance, as well as training of internal observers.


  • The quality of the selection decision is increased through observation of the candidates in different situations relevant for success in the position and by different persons.
  • The selection process is organised effectively and efficiently with participation on the part of relevant representatives of the company.
  • Conception, organisation, performance and training of observers is matched to needs and takes account of the existing internal competency of delivery of services by the assessment centers.